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Eurobank Direktna m-banking

Eurobank Direktna has introduced m-banking application that allows users to easily perform transactions via mobile phone, at any time and place, without going to a branch office. Our application, designed for individuals and legal entities, makes your bank always open, in your hands.

The improved solution enables complete comfort in work, full control of finances, and numerous other benefits such as:

  • 24/7 available Bank
  • Simple and secure login via activation codes or biometric data
  • One click switches from account of legal entity to the individual account
  • Various payment transactions: dinar payments, currency exchange, internal transfers, instant payment, Prenesi service
  • Payment at points of sale by scanning or reading the IPS QR code
  • Sending the Confirmation of the executed order to the registered e-mail address
  • Insight into the balance and turnover of all accounts, loans and credit cards
  • Management of payment cards
  • Creating templates and recipient lists
  • The possibility of changing the PIN for login and payment authorization
  • Functionality of finding nearest branch or ATM of the Bank
  • Two-way communication with the Bank

How to apply for digital services?

Application is currently available for IOS and Android users.

To become user of Eurobank Direktna m-banking app, you need to have current account within the Bank and to submit a Digital Services Application at your nearest branch office of the Bank or via on-line registration option on the Bank’s website.

Activation and usage of service are free of charge. The fee for payment order execution will be charged in accordance with the current Fee Schedule for the Bank's services, as well as for Electronic Banking services.

Upon request approval for the Bank's digital services, you will receive temporary credentials for the first log-in. Download the app: Eurobank Direktna m-banking from the appropriate Store (App Store or Google Play) and select “Registration” on the home page. Enter the identification code you received via e-mail, in numerical format or QR code format, and then enter the OTP code you received via text message. In a new window, enter the PIN code for authentication and payment authorization and confirm the PIN by re-entering it. Click “Start App” in a new window and enjoy the benefits of the improved m-banking of Eurobank Direktna.

By default individual account will be open and first visible, to switch to the profile of legal entity click on the arrow to the right above the Accounts section.

Logging in is quick and easy!

How to activate application?

Activate mobile banking application

For more information and available benefite check our selection of Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions