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For users of Eurobanke e-b@nking

For user of Direktna Banka e-b@nking

Your faster way to the things that matter!

Eurobank Direktna, with the possibility of submitting the Application form for electronic services at the branch closest to you, enables oppening of Digital Banking account completely ONLINE, without visiting the branch office.

By activating an Electronic Banking account, depending on the solution in use, the following options are available*:
  • Always available Bank on all devices, operating systems and Internet browsers, without additional installations
  • Payment transactions with SMS OTP code, free of charge**
  • Transactions in the domestic payment system
  • Payment of loan and credit crads installments, transfer between own accounts
  • Insight into the balance and turnover of all accounts, loans and credit cards
  • Fund transfer from a credit card to the current account with lower fee than at the Bank's counter
  • Online exchange with significantly more favorable exchange rate compared to the Bank's standard exchange rate, possibility to check the current and previous exchange rate list
  • Checking the details and expiry date of overdraft, as well as details of reserved funds
  • Loan calculator to calculate the amount of potential installment and interest
  • Creating a list of secure accounts and payments without SMS OTP code up to a limited limit
  • Setting templates as well as payment orders with future currency dates
  • Creating new passwords for accessing the application, as well as submitting Requests for Bank services without going to a branch
  • Obtaining a statement for a dinar or foreign currency account, in several formats
  • Track requests via the My Messages option
  • Setting or changing the limit per transaction, as well as the daily limit
  • Locator of Eurobank Direktna branches, ATMs and RSD/EUR ATMs
  • Provides customer support via chat or video chat

*Note: Some of the listed options are only available to users who are using e-bank solution of ex Eurobank, i.e. ex Direktna Banka e-banking.

**Users of all account packages except the EuroPlata package are exempted from commissions for all orders up to 300,000.00 RSD except orders labelled as “URGENT” for which a standard commission fee is charged, in accordance with the applicable price list for Eurobank Direktna services.