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Cooperation with UNICEF

UNICEF and the Association of Serbian banks have anbled the citizens of Serbia to activate the Direct Debit service in Eurobank Direktna, free of charge, and to make monthly donations, without commision, in the amount of their choice, and thereby contribute to a happier childhoodof the most vulnerable children of Serbia.

The Direct Debit service in Serbia, the simplest and safest way to make monthly donations and help those who need it the most-childrenThe culture of regular donations is a concept founded on general well-being and the need to improve the quality of life of others despite the problems one might be encountering. However, this concept is still at its inception in Serbia and it is of great importance to promote this kind of giving. Therefore, Direct Debit is not only a new banking service, but also an opportunity for each person to make a contribution, so that children in Serbia can exercise their right to a happy childhood.Activating of Direct Debit service is very simple and it is possible by filling a short application request at the nearest Eurobank Direktna branch office.