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Use safely you payment card

Safety measures for payment cards using

Fake sites for purchase or fake bank sites often lead to card data misuse or other user information data. These are oftenly called, Phishing Sites, which resembles the bank sites or a known merchent, and they are requiring users to leave their sensitive data in order to update information, making a purchase or taking any reward. Do not send valuable information regarding your credit via e-mail or by the alleged bank site. Your bank will never ask you to leave this confidential data regarding your payment card.

You should always keep in your mind that for shopping on the internet only three types of informations is needed card number, expiration date and three-digit number located right at the back of the card , near to the magnetic stripe on the catwalk, which is required for your signature.This means that the for potential misuse you need these three types of data and it is not necessary that the card is physically present at the moment of misuse. Therefore you should never leave your data when you do not have the intention to execute a complete transaction, when you just want to check shopping order.

Pay by card only when you are absolutely sure you really want to buy a certain product / service. Once you pay, it is very complex returning your money, especially when it comes to companies registered abroad. We recommend the payment only through known and trusted sites.
Pay by card only if you initiated the purchase. If someone encourage you to shop via e-mail, advertising on a site or in a similar way even if the conditions are unusually favorable, take extra care because of the possibility of fraud.
If a person calls you in order to ask you something about your payment card by explaining you that he need to to verify the transaction, please be aware and never tell him the last three digits on the back of your card.
Never enter your PIN in electronic transactions, this data is never required and no need to leave it. You are the only person that should know your PIN and nobody else.
If for any reason you still have doubts and you are not sure that the payment is safe, it is better not to risk and look for another way to pay .
Pay attention to all the liabilities during payment process, and be obligated to read the terms of usage. It is possible that by doing a single click you agree to additional debt or monthly obligations which are you not even aware and that you will be able to notice only when your account is debited (in some cases only after one year). Always seek from merchant confirmation of the purchase, especially in the case of cancellation, since it is possible that you will need this certificate as proof if your account is still in charge of the transaction that you have given up.