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Corporate Governance

Adequate and responsible corporate governance represents the key prerequisite for creating values which the Bank provides for its shareholders and society as a whole.

In developing corporate governance principles applied in its operations, the Bank relies on the existing legal framework, rules and regulations, its international development, as well as internal corporate values.
Corporate governance principles are based on responsibility and competence of managing bodies and other boards and responsible banking operations within the Group, with a special focus on risk management and internal control system.
The Bank aims to integrated its corporate governance principles in its wider corporate culture as well, as consistent corporate governance refers not only to compliance with regulations, but also to personal integrity and responsibility.

Members of Executive Board:

Board of Directors:

  • Romeo Collina - President
  • Aleksandra Babić - Vice President
  • Nikola Litvinenko - member
  • Katarina Đulić - independent member
  • Srđan Mihajlović - independent member