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Package Exclusive

Enjoy a package of products and services that Eurobank Direktna prepared for you as a Personal banking client.

MediFree Exclusive® - a unique service in the banking market in Serbia in cooperation with reputable health institution BEL MEDIC:
  • Free Full yearly check – up with lab tests and other basic examinations (abdomen ultrasound , spirometria, medical check-up)
  • Free visits to Ophthalmologist and Internist or GP (2 per year)
  • Free visits to dentist, including ultrasound teeth tartar cleaning (2 per year)
  • Free of charge vaccination against flu, including medical examination (not including cost of vaccine)
  • Discounts for family members
  • Excellent service provided by top level doctors

DinaCard debit card

  • No issuing and maintenence fees
VISA Gold debit card
  • No issuance and maintenance fee
MasterCard paypass debit card
  • No issuance and maintenance fee
MasterCard FX debit card
  • No issuance and maintenance fee
Mastercard Gold credit card with travel insurance and baggage insurance
  • No issuance and maintenance fee
  • Possibility for payment in 3,6,9 and 12 monthly installments
  • Possibility for sms notification for the card’s transactions
  • Possibility for e-statement
  • Special offers in hotels, restaurants etc all around the world
  • Immediately after the first payment of salary
Standing Order
  • The possibility of paying monthly bills by setting standing orders if you wish to avoid visiting the branch.
Standing order for savings
  • The possibility of transferring funds from current account to savings account by a more favorable rate of exchange with no need of visiting the branch

Attractive interest rate for your current RSD account

Special pricing for Cash and Refinancing loans

Special pricing for Mortgage loans

SMS notification
  • Free sms notification on current account movements and credit cards

e-B@n king

  • Free online access to your current account