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MediFree Kids

Health of our children is priceless! Eurobank Direktna, which itself employs moms and dads close to 1,000 children, knows it the best. Therefore, in cooperation with renowned medical institution BEL MEDIC, we have created MediFree Kids program that will help to preserve the health of our children!

Medifree Kids is specially created for children (up to 18 years) of EuroPLATA PREMIJA and EuroPLATA Sport package users and includes a number of benefits:

I Free of charge medical examination with doctors of the following specialties

  • Pediatrician (2 x per year)
  • Physician (2 x per year)
  • ENT specialists (2 x per year)
  • Skin prick tests to allergens in the air
  • Skin prick tests to food allergens
II Discounts
  • 20% on laboratory analysis
  • 15% on other services