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MoneyGram is a global leader in providing quick money transfer services with more than 284.000 agents and retail locations throughout 196 Countries. Through an international network of MoneyGram agents, citizens can send and receive money quickly, often in as little as 10 minutes,* very efficiently and reliably and above all at affordable and reasonable prices.

Electronic money transfer through MoneyGram is:

  • Accessible - MoneyGram service is available to all, you do not need a card or account at the Bank
  • Fast and efficient
  • Free of charge for the recipient - costs are being paid by the sender, you withdraw money without commission
  • Reliable – your money and your data are safe
  • Simple – you do not have to fill in any forms, just visit any of our branch offices

Eurobank Direktna offers electronic money transfers through MoneyGram as part of its service. If you use MoneyGram service, you can now easily and conveniently receive money in any of our branches in Serbia:

  • Ask the sender to send you money using MoneyGram services from a country where he/ she is situated
  • It is necessary that the sender informs you about the transfer and to submit MoneyGram reference number
  • Visit any of our branch offices
  • All you need is a transfer reference number submitted by the sender and your personal identity card /passport – and the money is available to you

Visit MoneyGram’s web site at, where you can quickly and easily check the amount of the fee for sending money from anywhere in the world.

*Subject to agent hours, availability and local regulations. Any additional information can be obtained from our branch offices throughout Serbia.