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Receive your salary through ”Euro PLATA PREMIJA” package account and for 340 dinars per month enjoy a range of products and services that Eurobank Direktna has prepared for its clients.

If you transfer a part of your salary each month from the bank account where you regularly receive your salary, to the account opened in Eurobank Direktna, we reward you with following privileges.

Account package enables you usage of following services in addition to rsd current account:

Debit Cards
  • Immediately after the first payment of salary
  • In the amount of up to 2 monthly salary
SMS notification
  • Free sms notification on current account and credit card transactions
Electronic and mobile banking
  • Online access to your finances and possibility of making transactions via PC and/or mobile phone
Standing order for savings and paymets of monthly bills
  • The possibility of paying monthly bills with no need of visiting the branch
  • The possibility of transferring funds from current account to savings account with no need of visiting the branch

Opening an account with Eurobank Direktna is as simple as bringing with you:

  • personal ID, or
  • passport

Contact center 0800 111144/ option 0

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