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Eurobank Direktna Manchester United payment cards

Welcome to the winning team!

New member of the winning team of Eurobank Direktna and Manchester United!

In cooperation with our partner Manchester United we present you the first contactless Prepaid Mastercard® payment card in Serbia.

Our Prepaid Mastercard® payment card is characterized by a wide range of unique features:

  • Ability to make secure on-line purchases
  • Perfect for cost control – with the payment amount you determine your card limit (ideal for travel, pocket money, etc.)
  • It can be issued to individuals of 16 years and older
  • Contactless payment at all POS terminals with a sign Icon
  • Personalized – with embossed customer name
  • Easy to get a card (without credit rating analysis)
  • Without monthly fee
  • Without issuing fee (EuroPlata Sport package)
  • Unlimited number of payments
  • Pay for goods and services in the country and abroad and Cash withdraw on all ATMs with Mastercard logo
  • Without fee for usage abroad (until 31.12.2017.)
  • Linked to RSD prepaid account
  • Additional cards can be issued
Mastercard exchange rate for transactions abroad/on internet