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Affinity Card - “Eurobank Direktna Big Heart”

The use of this unique Mastercard credit card issued by Eurobank Direktna  provides the possibility of Bank’s clients to support secondary schools in Serbia. A specific amount will be allocated from each transaction (purchases or cash withdrawals) made by Eurobank Direktna clients using the “Eurobank Direktna Big Heart” Mastercard and assigned to secondary schools. The funds will be used for the renovation and modernization of classrooms and and special purpose rooms, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment.
The more clients use „Eurobank Direktna Big Heart“ Mastercard credit card , a renovation of more secondary schools of Serbia will be provided.
With „Eurobank Direktna Big Heart“ credit card you may ave the following benefits :
  • Contactless transaction is processed by simple and fast card wave over a special POS terminal with a sign )))
  • Installment functionality ( up to 12 monthly installments) – as per clients wish. Each time You make a monthly payment that amount is available to You again for new purchases and cash withdrawals
  • Available grace period up to 50 days from the date of purchase
  • Fund transfer from the credit card and current account through m-B@nkinga and e-B@nking applications
  • Regular monthly report delivered via e-mail
  • Minimum monthly obligation of 5%
  • You can choose exact day in month for your card payments