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Career in Eurobank

The dynamic growth and the leading position of the Eurobank Group are due to the innovative nature and the quality of its products, its lead regarding alternative distribution channels, and the provision of customized services to its clients.

These competitive edges have been gained with the support of state-of-the-art technological infrastructure but, mainly, through the supremacy of the Group’s people in terms of know-how and skills.

Since its very inception, Eurobank has been committed to elevate and utilize its human resources, by implementing advanced selection, training, evaluation and reward methods, fully aware that it’s most valuable asset, which adds value to its activity, is its people.

Therefore, the Group attached great importance to:

  • The proper coverage of job vacancies by means of unimpeachable systems, based on meritocracy and aiming at the selection and evaluation of the required knowledge and skills on each field of work;
  • The provision of equal learning and career advancement opportunities to all employees;
  • The cultivation of an environment that constantly recognizes and rewards effort, always in accordance with the principles and values that govern the Organization.

Eurobank has expanded by means of both strong organic growth, and mergers and acquisitions, and today is one of the key players in the growing sector of the banking market.

As a rule, the Group’s member-companies are among the leaders of their respective market segments, offering competitive advantages as far as client service is concerned. In terms of human resource management, this translates into the ongoing development of skills and competencies, and the provision of major career opportunities in the field of financial services in Greece, and in the countries of South-eastern Europe where the Group has established its presence.

At the moment as a result of our dynamic expansion strategy on the Serbian market, the Group already employs more than 1600 skilled professional individuals, which makes us one of the most significant job creators among foreign companies operative on the market.

We are constantly interested in getting in touch with enthusiastic people who can generate ideas to build our competitive advantage on the financial market and who can continue making our Bank outstanding.

If you feel you could be a part of our team, please send us your CV to: