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Prenesi – new m-B@nking service


Eurobank Direktna, in cooperation with the National Bank of Serbia, has provided its clients with a new service – “Prenesi” – a part of its mobile banking app. The service allows for a quick and simple instant transfer of funds. The cashless money transfers have been simplified so that now, instead of entering the account number and other so far indispensable components of a payment order, you only enter the phone number and the transaction amount. To receive funds via this service (to have someone send you money using this service), you only need to be registered. Registration for the “Prenesi” service is enabled through Eurobank Direktna’s m-B@nking app.

The service is available for all versions of the app: Android, Apple (IOS), and Huawei AppGallery. Eurobank Direktna is the first bank in Serbia to offer “Prenesi” to its clients, while the other banks in the market are expected to join in later on. This means that the service of sending and receiving funds, as well as the registration for the service, is currently available only to the clients of Eurobank Direktna.

Registration instructions

When you start the new version, the “wizard” appears, along with the description of the service, inviting you to register for the service by selecting the option “register for the service”, or to continue using the app without registering, by selecting the option “OK”. This option is only available if you have registered your device for payment transactions, i.e., if you have already used your device to make payments. If not, you will need to enter the registration code (from the PIN Mailer which you received when applying for the m-B@nking service at the Bank) in the option Domestic Payment Transactions.
If you opt for the registration, you will be redirected to the next screen, displaying the data to be registered. Please, bear in mind that in this screen you will not be able to change the data related to your name, surname and phone number, only the number of the bank account that you wish to link to your mobile phone number. This, of course, only applies if you have more than one account from which payments can be made. If you only have one account for domestic payments, this data will also remain unchanged. By selecting the option “Register”, you initiate the sending of the authentication message via SMS to the mobile phone number:

After entering the security password (a 4-digit sequence of numbers) received by SMS, and selecting the option “Confirm”, the registration process is completed. Now you can receive funds via the “Prenesi” service. After a few seconds, you will receive a message confirming that the registration was successful.

You may notice that the app menu now contains a new feature – “Prenesi”, which is available to you regardless of whether you are registered to receive money via this service or not. The only requirement is for the person to whom you wish to send the money (the recipient) to be registered for the service. The process of registration is described in the previous section. After selecting this option, you are redirected to the service screen:

In the first field, enter the mobile phone number, in the following format: 0631234567 (you cannot type +38163124567, or 063/1234567, as symbol keys are not available on the keypad). Next to the entry field, there is a button opening the mobile phone’s contact list, and when you select the desired contact, it is displayed in the phone number field. The app automatically converts the number to the allowed format, so if a number is entered in the contact list as +381631234567, it will be displayed in the phone number field as 0631234567.

Below that field, there is a field in which you enter the amount of the funds to be transferred. For this service, the amounts have been limited up to RSD 300,000.00. After clicking the button “Transfer” (“Prenesi”), you initiate the payment authentication process by entering the mPIN. If you are not registered for the “Prenesi” service (to receive funds), the registration option will be displayed on the payment screen. If you are already registered, this option will not be displayed.

User settings

 A new feature – “Prenesi” – has been added to the user settings, where you can see your registration status or initiate the service registration process. If you are already registered for this service, by initiating the feature “Prenesi” in the user settings, you send a query if the service account is active, that is, if the transfer of funds to the account number linked to the displayed phone number has been enabled. In this screen you can change the account number (if more than one account is available, they will be displayed in a drop-down menu) and by selecting the option “Update”, the account number will be linked to the displayed phone number. Also in this screen, you can cancel (delete) your registration, by selecting the option “Revoke Registration”.

Changing the mobile phone number

Considering that the “Prenesi” service is linked directly to your mobile phone number, the new version of the app allows you to quickly and easily change the mobile phone number that you have registered at the Bank. In addition to “Prenesi”, this change applies to all other electronic services available to you at the Bank.

At the top of the screen, the existing phone number is displayed. After entering the new number that you wish to register, you need to enter the mPIN, and after selecting the option “Send”, the SMS OTP is created and sent to the new phone number. After entering the OTP and selecting the option “Change”, the registered phone number will be changed and replicated to all electronic services of the Bank to which the user has access.