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Corporate Clients

Eurobank Direktna offers the most up-to-date banking system to large corporate enterprises whose annual turnover exceeds EUR 1 mio.

Along with the modern and innovative palette of our products, Eurobank Direktna offers a variety of financing services, flexible loan pay-off terms, option for collateral agreement, competitive interest rates and deposit commissions, as well as the shortened procedures for small and midium enterprises whose annual turnover does not exceed EUR 1 mio.

Contacts for Large enterprises:
(for companies with turnover over EUR > € 40mio):
Address: Vuka Karadžića 10, Beograd

Contact persons for small and medium enterprises are
(for companies with turnover over EUR > € 2mio):

Business Center in Belgrade:
Address: Vuka Karadžića 10, Belgrade
E-mail: or

Business Center in Novi Sad:
Address: Bulevar Oslobođenja 95, Novi Sad

Business Center in Niš:
Address: Obrenovićeva 33, Niš

Business Center in Šabac:
Address: Trg šabackih zrtava bb, Šabac

Business Center in Čačak:
Address: Krenov prolaz bb, Čačak

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