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Loans with fixed interest rate

If you want the same installment for a whole repayment period, this loan is the right choice for you.
  • Amount: 64.000-2.000.000 RSD
  • Interest rate NIR 13,00%, fixed, annual
  • EIR from 14,02%
  • Tenor: 12-71 months
  • Without disbursement fee
Offer is valid for payroll clients only.
Costs and fees borne by the User:
  • Loan processing fee: 0%
  • Bill of exchange cost: 50 RSD
  • Cost of obtaining the report of the Credit Bureau: 246 RSD
The client can refinance existing credit obligations within Eurobank Direct under the stated conditions with a minimum amount of additional funds of RSD 100,000. These conditions apply to users who receive earnings through an account opened with Eurobank Direct.
* The calculation of EIR includes: the cost of the bill of exchange (50 RSD) and the report of the Credit Bureau (246 RSD).
Visit the nearest branch or call the Contact Center 0800 111144 free of charge, where you can make an appointment with our advisors today.
Refinance your credit obligations with another bank quickly and easily - without going to that bank. The instructions of the National Bank of Serbia enable you to simply change the bank and refinance all your credit obligations with a loan from the bank whose conditions suit you best. We take over all communication with the bank whose loan you want to refinance, until the closing of that loan.
The friendly staff of Eurobank Direct is at your disposal in an extensive network of branches throughout Serbia for more detailed information and consultations.