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Corporate clients

Improve your business with our modern service package available 24 hours a day, every day of the year*.

If you too busy, often away or just simply can’t find the time to visit our branch office, Eurobank Direktna Internet (digital) banking is the right solution for you. Currently, we can offer three digital banking solutions that You may combine:

  • Mobile Business Banking
  • Asseco ( Pexim) Office Banking
  • Hal Ebank Personal.
Please read more about our m-banking and e-banking solutions and choose or combine the ones that best fit your business needs:

Mobile Business Banking application – an application that enables you to pay on the go by using your smart device, quickly, easily and safely. You can have complete control of your finances at any place, regardless of the branch working hours. . The application is available TO mobile phone users with Android , iOS and Windows Mobile operating systems.

For more information please visit the link: Mobile Business Banking services

Asseco (Pexim) OfficeBank– a MultiBank solution (one card allows you to access your accounts in multiple banks), aimed at business users that are already using Office Bank or FX solution to access with their accounts in other Bank (already own smart-card) but also for new users (not using smart card or solution). Monthly maintenance fee for Asseco is free of charge during promotional period*. Within promotional period new Asseco (Pexim) users will also receive up to two smart card free of charge.
Recognizable design, easy to use, multiple search criteria, views, reports, automatic updates to new versions, in-house administration of access rights as well as free certificate renewal, without having to visit Bank are just some of advantages of using Asseco Office Bank electronic banking solution.

For additional information please visit:

HAL Personal Ebanking – It is a Multibank offline application used with one multi- Bank Smart card. It is intended for customers that already use Halcom application to work with another banks Accounts (existing customers that own Halcom Smart Card/s) and new customers that do not own a Smart card. Besides payments in Domestic payment system, you are also entitled to payments abroad i.e. International payments. Customers using Prima SBB, Prima Basic and Prima plus account packages have a 50% off from standard monthly fee during promotional period for HALCOM services. Customers using Prima Exlusive account packages have a regular 50% lower price than the standard monthly fee as long as they actively use the account from this package.

If you decide to use a Qualified digital certificate, besides the Electronic Banking you will also be able to communicate electronically with Tax Administration, the Central Bank, the e-Government and perform obligations related to health and social insurance.

This e-banking solution is suitable for small businesses and large business systems as well. It is intended for users who use the e-banking application alone or together with another business solution.For more details, please visit Halcom official site the promotional period the Bank will not charge an initial Administration fee for first time connection to Asseco and Halcom systems, production of 2 Smart cards for all new users of Asseco Office Banking aplication. Other fees related to e-b@nking are available at the official Banks Price list of fees and commissions for Bank services.

All three solutions (M-b@nking Biznis, Asseco (Pexim) Office Bank,Hal Ebank Personal) have a Send statement option (Business Account) by e mail and it is up to you to choose the application that best fits Your needs and business plans.

For more details you can call Contact center number 0800 11 11 44 option 4 or visiting one of our Business Branches.

* Promotional period for ASSECO ebanking service will end by 31.12.2021.

** Promotional period for HALCOM ebanking service will end by 31.12.2021.

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