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Your faster way to the things that matter!

Eurobank Direktna offers you the opportunity to open a Digital Banking account by submitting an application form for electronic services in any Eurobank Direktna branch office.

By activating an e-Banking account you can do all of the following:
  • Create new passwords to access the application without going to the branch
  • Check balance and turnover on your Eurobank Direktna accounts, loans and credit cards
  • Transfer funds from your credit card to your current account at a much lower commission than at the Bank counter
  • Check details and the expiry date of your overdraft or details of contingency sums
  • Check present and previous foreign exchange rates
  • Pay instalments on your credit or pay the minimum amount for the credit card
  • Calculate the amount of a potential instalment and interest rate by using a credit calculator
  • Set or change your limit per transaction or your daily limit
  • Follow your requests through the option my messages
  • Enjoy availability on all devices, operating systems and Internet search engines without additional installations
  • Pay bills with SMS OTP code with no commission*
  • Transfer funds between your own accounts
  • Obtain the best rate in currency foreign exchange with BUY/SALE of EUR (2 RSD better than the standard one)
  • Create templates and use them to pay your bills quickly
  • Make payments in domestic transactions and transfers between your own accounts
  • Receive statements for dinar or foreign currency accounts in your chosen format
  • Set up an order with a future value date
  • Designate secure accounts and payments that need no SMS OTP code up to a set limit
  • Search the map of Eurobank Direktna ATMs
  • Access a range of banking services without going to the branch
  • Find support through chat, video chat or social networks

* Users of all account packages except the EuroPlata package are exempted from commissions for all orders up to 300,000.00 RSD except orders labelled as “URGENT” for which a standard commission fee is charged, in accordance with the applicable price list for Eurobank Direktna services.

Short interruptions are possible during regular system maintenance.

Minimum conditions for the use of Electronic Banking are:

Google Chrome from version 30

Google Andorid OS Browser from version 5.0

Mozilla FireFox from version 27

Microsoft Internet Explorer from version 11

MS Edge from version 12

Opera from version 12.18

Apple Safari Osx from version 7.0

Apple Safari IOS from version 5.0