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Housing loans for refinancing secured by NKOSK for clients with payrolls at Eurobank Direktna.

Loan characteristics:

  • Type of loan: Housing loan for refinancing
  • Currency of the loan: dinar loan indexed in EUR, the loan is realized in dinar equivalent at the mid-rate of the NBS on the day the loan is released to the exchange rate
  • Participation: no participation
  • Loan amount: up to EUR 250,000
  • Repayment period: up to 360 months
  • Nominal interest rate: 6.24%, variable, annual (6mEuribor+2.90%)
  • Effective interest rate: from 6.75%

A representative example of a refinancing housing loan with a variable interest rate:

Loan currency* Dinar loan indexed in EUR
Loan amount (EUR) 30.000 EUR
Repayment period 360 months
Loan processing fee 0%
Monthly installment rate (EUR) 186 EUR
Total for repayment (EUR) 69.240 EUR
NIS** variable, annual 6,24%
EIS*** on 04.04.2023. 7,04%

*Criteria for indexing: In dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS.

**The interest rate is variable. During the duration of the Agreement, the Bank determines the amount of the nominal interest rate on each first day of the half-year (July 1 and January 1) for the current half-year by harmonizing the contracted variable element with the values​​of the officially published reference interest rate on that day. The modified variable interest rate will be applied to the first calculation period that occurs after the change. On April 4, 2023. value of 6mEuribor = 3.34%.

*** The EKS calculation also includes costs defined by competent institutions, the amount of which the bank has no influence on, and which are known at the time of advertising:

Cost overview (RSD) Mortgage loan insured through NKOSK Mortgage loan without insurance through NKOSK
Promissory note x 2 100 RSD (50 RSD per promissory note) 100 RSD (50 RSD per promissory note)
Basic credit bureau report 246 RSD 246 RSD
Certification of pledge statement 10.080 RSD 10.080 RSD
Real estate insurance - annual 40 EUR (in RSD countervalue) 40 EUR (in RSD countervalue)
Issuance of real estate certificate 540 RSD 540 RSD
Real estate evaluation 100 EUR (in RSD countervalue) 100 EUR (in RSD countervalue)
Mortgage registration 12.640 RSD 12.640 RSD
One-time cost of submitting a request to NKOSK / 30 EUR (in RSD countervalue)

Life insurance is optional except for clients with risky occupations. The LTV ratio can amount to a maximum of 80% of the estimated value of the mortgaged property.

The fee for early repayment is calculated at 1% of the amount of the early repaid principal if the period between the early repayment of the loan and the final maturity date is longer than one year, or 0.5% if the said period is shorter. The bank will charge a fee for early repayment only if the amount of early repayment in a period of twelve months is greater than 1,000,000 dinars.See the list of branches where you can apply for a Eurobank Direktna housing loan here