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Mastercard debit contactless

Mastercard debit contactless is the first and unique debit cards from Mastercard brend in Serbia

Mastercard debit contactless enables you:
  • Contactless transaction processed by simple and fast card wave over a special POS terminal with a sign Icon
  • Ability to make on-line purchases
  • The latest chip technology providing maximum payment security and anti-fraud system
  • Cash withdrawals from a bank teller or ATMs
  • Pay for goods and services at all POS terminals bearing Mastercard logo

With your Mastercard debit contactless card you may make the payments for goods and services and withdraw the cash up, in the country or abroad, to the amount of the balance at your account

The only condition to get the card is to be over 18 years of age and citizen of Republic of Serbia or have permanent residence in Republic of Serbia if you are a foreign citizen.

The Card is valid for 4 years and upon expiration date it is automatically re-issued.

Mastercard exchange rate for transactions abroad/on internet