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Mortgage loan for refinancing

If you want to refinance your mortgage loan in other bank, Eurobank Direktne has special offer for you. Decrease your monthly installment with Eurobank Direktna refinancing loan.

Special offer:

  • lower installment
  • no disbursement fee
  • lower interest rate

Loan amount: up to 250.000 EUR

Currency: EUR

Downpayment: no downpayment

Interest rate: NIR 6M Euribor+2,36%**; EIR from 2,61%, variable**

Tenor: up to 360 months

Disbursement fee: 0%

Life insurance is optional, except for clients with high risk occupations. LTV-ratio is max 80% of property value


Loan amount (EUR)


(in months)

Disbursement fee

Installment (in EUR)NIR* EIR*







*Interest rate is variable. 6M Euribor value on 30/12/2021 was -0.54%.

**Nominal interest rate is determined 2 times per year (1st of July and 1st of January), when the variable base is aligned with the values of official Reference rate, on the installment date in the month when the alignment is done. Changed variable interest rate will be applied in the first accounting period that starts after the change