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You no longer have to wait in line, nor consider whether you paid your bills in due time …

Quickly and easily create a Standing order to Pay your bills and the Bank will settle your monthly obligations for you.

Standing Orders for payments of :

  • Utility services – for bills issued by:
    • Infostan
    • SON Zrenjanin
    • JSP Bor
    • Vodovod Požarevac
    • Komunalno Požarevac
    • Toplifikacija
    • Požarevac
    • JKP Informatika Novi Sad
    • JKP Objedninjena nalata Niš
  • Telephone utilities and mobile phones’ bills – for the bills issues by:
    • Telekom
    • Telenor
    • VIP Mobile
  • Bills issued by:
    • Elektrodistribucija i Elektrovojvodina
    • ElektroMorava,ED Jugoistok d.o.o
  • Standing Orders for payments of credit cards’ liabilities (for the minimum amounts of monthly debt repayment instalments)
  • Payment of insurance policy (from your RSD or foreign currency account you can pay your RSD or foreign currency monthly installments for your insurance policy)
    • Delta Generali
    • Wiener Stadtische
    • DDOR Novi Sad

To use these services it is enough that you are user of Eurobank eServices (electronic and mobile banking). Registering for SMS notification service you will be informed when your standing orders are executed, specifically the Bank will deliver a notification each time your bill is paid.

We regularly pay off your obligations and together we save your time!