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Foreign exchange application

Eurobank Direktna has enabled inovative EuroDirektFx application for legal entites, which provides direct insight into financial market for foreign exchange. Simple and fast, this application can significantly help users during everyday interactions at banking market.

EuroDirektFx application is designed, unlike the traditional display of the Bank's static exchange rate list, to show exchange rates market changes in real time, as well to offer opportunity of buying foreign currency at the desired exchange rate.

We are proud to present other advantages of the EuroDirektFx application:

  • Exchange rates are ajusted to each client, with a goal of cooperation andbusiness history affirmation
  • Trading platform is monitoring exchange rate changes on the interbanking market in real time
  • The user is provided with the functionality of creating orders for the purchase and sale of foreign currency at the given, desired exchange rate, which is confirmed at the same moment when the market reaches the specified level of the exchange rate.
  • Information that desired exchange rate is provided, client receives via EuroDirektFx application in a form of automatically generated e-mailmessage.
  • Transaction of purchase or selling foreign currency will be finally realized upon creating an order in the e-banking aplication
  • The application is designed to help user to find best exchange rate, as well to provide the latest information on special offers and important notifications
  • Direct digital channel for transaction confiramtion is available from 09 until 16h, during working days.
  • Installation and usage of the application are simple

Upon registration and credential assigning, EuroDirektFx application is available at: or by clicking the button

Tehnical support is provided during working days, in period from 09 until 17h, via e-mail: