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Member of the Foreign Investors Council

Eurobank actively contributes and participates in the Foreign Investors Council (FIC).

The Foreign Investors Council is established as a non-profit business association of foreign investors, with the clear mission: "To contribute together with the Authorities to a better investment environment for foreign and domestic companies on the market through open, informal dialogue between different willing stakeholders."

Its target is to represent its members' common interests in front of federal and republic authorities and other organizations. It provides its members with information about the business environment of the Union of Serbia and a platform for experience interchange.

The aims of the Council are:

  • Improvement of the investment and business development climate in Serbia by making concrete reform proposals;
  • Stimulation of foreign direct investments;
  • Promoting the communication between FIC and the Serbian Authorities;
  • Assist in overcoming difficulties which may exist in relations with foreign investors;
  • Link with other foreign investor organizations across the SEE region to benefit from best practices sharing;
  • Studying concrete means to facilitate regional operations;
  • Facilitating the flow of information between FIC members and the Government.

For more information about Foreign Investors Council in Serbia, please visit, or contact the Council directly:

Foreign Investors Council
37, Svetogorska Street, I Floor
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 303 5550
Fax: +381 11 303 5560