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Leader in Charge

The American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia is dedicated to promoting mutual cooperation and friendship between Serbia and the United States through trade, investment and economic development.

It is the youngest and fastest growing member of the AmCham Network in the world. AmCham members include U.S., European and other multinationals, as well as forward-looking local companies that share its values. Together, they form a strong group, working through the Chamber, to promote good business practices throughout Serbia.

AmCham contributes to the improvement and growth of the local business environment that is more conducive to foreign direct investment and more advantageous for increased international trade and economic development. It means providing existing companies with opportunities for networking, lobbying, business education and partnership.

Mission statement

AmCham Serbia promotes American best business practices, values and responsible partnerships between the U.S. and Serbia, leading to economic development through trade and investment.

AmCham will:

  • Advance interests of AmCham member companies by supporting improvement of the overall business environment
  • Strengthen organization in order to serve interests of member companies
  • Enhance image of AmCham and its members and their contributions to Serbia
  • Maintain close communication among the members

Goals & Objectives

Founded in October 2001, objectives of AmCham Serbia are:

  • To advance the interest and views of American business in Serbia
  • To assist in improving the overall business environment in Serbia
  • To uphold the highest standards of commerce
  • To promote Serbia as a priority emerging market to potential foreign investors

AmCham's challenge is to add value for its members through formulated framework of key activities:

  • Serve as venue for the exchange of information and ideas among members and
  • Serbian companies
  • Engage in outreach to encourage the elimination of issues/barriers that hinder business growth and economic development
  • Support the acceleration of Serbia integration with the EU
  • Establish a cooperative relationship with Government authorities on all levels
  • Offer authoritative viewpoints to build understanding among authorities
  • Provide alerts and proactive advice to the business community
  • Raise the profile of AmCham and its visibility

For more information about American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, please visit, or contact the Commerce directly:

AmCham Serbia
Vlajkoviceva 30/III/10, 11000 Belgrade
Tel: (+381 11) 334-5961; 324-7720
Tel/fax: (+381 11) 324-7771