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Why use Payment Cards?

For non-cash payments.

Enjoy the benefits of cashless payments by using Eurobank credit cards!

Why carry cash everywhere you go? Have one of Eurobank credit cards in your wallet instead:

  • International Visa and Master Card credit card
  • Dina Card credit card

Pay easily, quickly and efficiently! How can I get one of Eurobank credit cards? How to use a credit card? Very simple!

All you need to have in order to get the credit cards:

  • Your ID and your income statement
  • Fill-in the application at one of the branches of Eurobank. That’s it! You will receive your card as soon as possible!
  • Sign your name on the marked space on the back of the credit card as soon as you receive it.
  • Keep your personal identification number PIN in secret. Never have it together with your credit card.
  • When you are paying with the credit card you will receive a slip which you need to sign. Keep the copy of the slip in your personal files. Always check the amount and currency on the slip before signing!

Upon using your credit card at the ATM machine, please do not forget to take your card, in case you do, it will be taken from you for the safety reasons.

Keep your credit card away from the electromagnetic sources (bateries, mobile phones, heaters). Electronic information in the magnetic field of the card can be erased or damaged causing technical invalidity of your card. Before you travel, please check your balance.

In case you lose your credit card or it is stolen from you, please immediately contact our Euro PHONE on 08001111 44, or if you are calling from abroad or from a mobile phone + 381 11 2023 353 . Your credit card will be instantly blocked and protected from an unauthorized use.

In case your personal information from the application form that you filled in in order to obtain the card changes, if the card is damaged, is technically invalid or you forget your personal identification number (PIN), please notify your Eurobank branch.

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