Contact Center: 800 1111 44; +381 11 2023 353

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By calling +381 11 20 23 353* (from a mobile phone or abroad) or 0800 11 11 44** (from a land line) you can receive any information you need related to Eurobank Direktna products in a quick, simple and easy way, with operator support when using Eurobank Direktna services.

* Calls are charged according to the standard price of your operator
**Calls are free of charge

Available options:
      1. Information on purchase and payment in instalments using credit cards
      2. Card activation and blocking (register stolen or lost cards)
      3. Information on your accounts and payment cards
      4. Operator support when using digital banking services (e-banking and mobile banking)
      5. The Bank’s current offers
      6. Exchange rate for payment of loan instalments
      Before you call, please prepare your personal information if you are a customer of the Bank (ID, account number or credit card number) and after the conversation rate the quality of the service provided.


      1.Splitting credit card transactions into instalments

      To split the last transaction into instalments you need to:

      • Choose option No 1, sub-option 1.
      • Insert the last 6 digits of the credit card
      • The answering service will read the amount of the transaction to be split and the possible number of instalments for this amount (three, six, nine or twelve instalments). You should then confirm your choice by pressing the # button.
      • You will receive a message that your request has been accepted
      For other information related to splitting a transaction into instalments you should:
      • Choose option No 1, sub-option 2
      • When speaking with the operator split one of your previous transactions into instalments or ask for information on splitting into instalments
      • Minimum amount to be split into instalments is 3,000.00 RSD
      • Transaction amounts ranging from 3,000.00 RSD – 6,000.00 RSD can be split into 3 or 6 instalments
      • Cash withdrawal at the Bank counter or ATM can be split into 3 or 6 instalments
      • Transaction amounts over 6,000.00 RSD can be split into 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments.
      2. Check credit card balance

      To check the available funds on your credit card you should:

      • Choose button No 3, sub-option 2
      • Enter the last 6 digits of your credit card
      • The Answering Service will read the amount available on your credit card
      3. Check your current account balance

      To check your current account balance you need to:

      • Choose button No 3, sub-option 1
      • Enter last 4 digits of your account
      • The Answering Service will read the current balance of your account, the amount of the overdraft (if you have one) and the number of outstanding cheques (if you have them)
      Note: If you enter the credit card numbers or your current account numbers incorrectly and if you are making a call from a phone number which is not registered in the Bank system, your call will be diverted to the first available operator.