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m-B@nking for Business clients

Eurobank Serbia presents you an m-B@nking application which enables you to make transactions on your mobile phone, without going to the branch. This application is available for users of mobile phones with Android, IOS and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Activating and using the service is free of charge (there are no maintenance or activation fees).

In a completely secure environment you can:

· Pay bills – with no commission for users of EuroPlata Premija, Euro Plata Gold, Euro Plata Sport, Exclusive and Zlatne Godine account packages

· Check balance and turnover on your Eurobank accounts, loans and credit cards

· Pay loan or credit card instalments

· Perform foreign exchange operations at a better exchange rate when buying or selling euros (2 RSD better than the Eurobank standard exchange rate)

· Transfer credit card funds to your current account with a 50% reduced commission in the promotion period *

· Transfer funds between your own foreign currency accounts

· Send a confirmation of an executed order to your e-mail address

· Create a template to make new orders by copying an existing one

· Set up an order with a future date

· Customize the application to your needs by changing the name of your account, credit and cards, changing the transaction confirmation pin or changing the log-in password

· See the latest exchange rates

· Check the expiry date of your current account overdraft

· Search the map of Eurobank ATMs and branches

· Use the credit calculator for various types of loan

*Urgent orders as well as orders over 300,000.00 RSD are charged with fees in accordance with the applicable Price list of the Bank services.

*The promotion period ends on 31.03.2018

Safe and secure!

Security for our clients in their banking operations has been our top priority in developing our Mobile Banking application. The Eurobank m-B@nking application is designed never to store your financial data or your password on the device. You receive passwords for logging in or creating domestic transactions through a safety letter, (a PIN mailer with the same technology as with credit cards), and these are available only to you.

To increase the security and protection of your confidential access data, you can change the user password for logging into the application, or change the transaction confirmation pin. You can check the balance and turnover from several different devices, additionally preventing the possibility of misuse. The application can also send a confirmation of an executed transaction to your personal e-mail.