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Disbursement of old frozen bonds

Eurobank guarantees to all its clients professional service with securities/bonds business and offers possibilities for:

  • Posting the payment order for transferring the amount of matured bonds for 2008 to the current account, in order to save time and unnecessary queuing
  • Opportunity to place your matured funds on new savings with the highest interest rate at the market
  • Disbursement of bonds of series A 2008 as of 31.05.2008 that can be done in one of the 115 branches of Eurobank (by presenting the last account statement of bonds, id document related to the account opening as well as the copy of it)
  • Disbursement of matured bonds of series A 2002 - A2007
  • Sell off of bonds to Eurobanki with the best conditions at the market as well as obtaining mortgage and cash loans based on the bonds pledge
  • Initial owners of bonds for themselves and family members can use bonds before maturity date for the following:
    1. hospital /medical expenses in country and abroad (valid for treatments that cannot be treated in Republic of Serbia),
    2. remedy expenses, orthhopaedy tools in country and abroad (valid for items that cannot be acquired in Republic of Serbia)
    3. funeral expenses up to the amount of EUR 250 in rsd counter value, based on the original death certificate i.e. up to the amount of EUR 500, if statements validated by authorised institution are enclosed together with the death certificate
    4. transport of deceased’s remains expenses from abroad up to the amount of real expenses that can be proved by original transportation documents
  • Funds for pay off of bonds are provided by Republic of Serbia
  • E- bonds transferred on bonds account cannot be outdated and can be paid off in RSD and EUR