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“Big Heart” brought joy to lives of Zvezdara children

9 April 2013.

“Duga“ – 14th kindergarten with reconstructed playground and first with new library

Belgrade, April 9th , 2013 – The playground of the “Duga“ Kindergarten at Zvezdara, renovated owing to the “Big Heart” affinity card, has officially been opened today, at the joy of all the children attending this pre-school institution.

“Big Heart” brought joy to lives of Zvezdara children
Upon the occasion, this kindergarten, one of the three winners of the “Small drawing for big prize” contest on the “Big Heart”’s Facebook page, was visited by children’s poet Ljubivoje Rsumovic. The popular author read excerpts from poems and stories from the books that Eurobank, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and Laguna publishing company granted to the kindergarten.

In addition to the outdoor furniture and playing equipment adjusted to children with disabilities, the “Duga“ Kindergarten is the first in a range of pre-school institutions in which first children’s libraries will be introduced, owing to the partnership of Eurobank, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and Laguna publishing company. Each kindergarten with a reconstructed playground will get 250 children books, whereas 13 kindergartens across Serbia that already have new kindergartens reconstructed owing to the “Big Heart” project will get libraries afterwards, i.e. during the summer. “In the course of implementation of the “Big Heart” project, we have noticed that kindergartens in Serbia do not have children libraries. In cooperation with Laguna, we will make our contribution aiming to tackle this issue and donate children’s books to all the kindergartens with reconstructed playgrounds. We believe that it is the best way to motivate children to acquire a habit of reading literature at an early age,” said Natasa Strugarevic, a member of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

Owing to 18,000 users of the unique “Big Heart” MasterCard card, the “Duga” Kindergarten in Belgrade is the 14th kindergarten that has been reconstructed in three years since the joint humanitarian project of Eurobank and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation was launched.

“The playground we have opened today and valuable books we provided, together with our partners, represent the continuation of our mission to enable all children to grow up safely and creatively, and to socialise through playing and learning,” underlined Vlade Divac, the founder of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.

The “Big Heart” MasterCard card is used as any standard credit card, and its ultimate purpose is focused on improving conditions for safer growing up of children in Serbia. Retail clients who opt for this unique affinity card bear no additional costs, and by using it contribute to the important cause of reconstructing playgrounds and introducing libraries in pre-school institutions. Upon each transaction, including purchases and cash withdrawals, Eurobank allocates part of its revenues to the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation for the reconstruction of children’s kindergartens and books for libraries.

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