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“Cities for ALL” exhibition from Europe came to Belgrade

19 March 2013.

Standing exhibition of the European Institute for Design and Disability guest of the SASA

Belgrade, March 19th – The “Cities for ALL“ exhibition, organised by the European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD), was ceremonially opened in the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology, and it will be a guest of Belgrade from March 19 until March 30.

“Cities for ALL” exhibition from Europe came to Belgrade
The standing exhibition includes three rewarded artworks of the “Moving Inclusive Museum”, the project implemented by the Inclusive Society Development Center (CRID) and Eurobank in 2010. The opening of the exhibition, which has visited cities across Europe, was attended by Vladimir Pešić, Assistant Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, and Zoran Petrović, a SANU member and Director of the SASA Gallery of Science and Technology, while a special guest and lecturer in workshops for students, organised in the Gallery prior to the exhibition opening, was Pete Kercher, the EIDD founder and ambassador.

The exhibition consists of artworks designed upon the ‘Design for All” principle, in the area of industrial design, architecture and spatial planning, which satisfy both aesthetic criteria and those for simple, everyday use by all people, without barriers. “As the initiators of this exhibition, we are proud to say that Belgraders will have an opportunity to learn more on how to organise the environment for equal life and work of all people and improve the attitude of the modern society towards those with reduced physical ability. We sincerely hope that this exhibition, as well as all the efforts we have made so far, will influence planning of such construction and industrial production of items in Serbia that will make everyday activities of all simpler,” said Vesna Bogdanović, Executive Director of the CRID.

For its partnership with the CRID on the “Moving Inclusive Museum” project, which inspired the “Cities for ALL” exhibition, Eurobank won the national “Virtus” Award for corporate philanthropy of the Balkan Community Initiative Fund and the PR Award of the Public Relations Society of Serbia in 2010. “Principles of solidarity and partnership between the business and civil sector are our guidelines which we integrated in our business strategy, and we hope that all ideas that we will see at the exhibition in Belgrade owing to the CRID will soon be part of our reality. The ’Eurobank Center’ office building in Belgrade and all our central branches are the first banking facilities in the region that have been redesigned following the “Design for All” principles,“ noted Slavica Pavlović, a member of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

The “Cities for ALL” exhibition has so far visited Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Katowice (Poland), Vienna and Budapest, and simultaneously with Belgrade, it will be presented in Hasselt, Belgium, and Vicenza, Italy.