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Eurobank EFG Winner of National Virtus Award

4 December 2010.

Recognition of long-standing corporate philanthropy for “We invest in European values” program

The 2010 Virtus Main Award for contribution at the national level in the area of corporate social responsibility has been granted to Eurobank EFG for its comprehensive program “We invest in European values”. In addition to the Main Award, Eurobank EFG has also been awarded in the category of most innovative project for its “Moving Inclusive Museum”.

Eurobank EFG Winner of National Virtus Award

The prestigious Virtus Award, granted by the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund for the fourth consecutive year, rewards companies and individuals that have supported most significant projects of common interest in Serbia.

“The Virtus Award at the national level is the ultimate recognition of all the initiatives that “Eurobank EFG” – together with numerous partners across the country - has taken in the area of corporate social responsibility over the last few years. said Philippos Karamanolis, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank EFG, upon receiving the Award on behalf of the Bank from Božidar Đelić, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Science and Technological Development.

The Award has been granted to Eurobank EFG for CSR programs where the Bank has supported many projects and campaigns related to education, public healthcare, environmental protection, culture and the integration of persons with disabilities. Since its arrival to Serbia in 2003, Eurobank has rewarded 1350 best students of state universities in the country, reconstructed 8 of the largest public parks across Serbia together with local authorities, launched numerous programs of inclusion of persons with disabilities, invested EUR1 million in the latest PET technology scanner helping more efficient treatment of persons suffering from serious diseases and become the grand sponsor of one of the largest Serbian theatres - Atelje 212.

Furthermore, this year Eurobank has launched two new CSR projects. Together with the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, the “Big Heart” MasterCard affinity credit card was launched at the beginning of the year, for raising funds for the reconstruction of children’s kindergartens across Serbia. In cooperation with the Inclusive Society Development Center, the Bank has also launched the “Moving Inclusive Museum”, an exhibition of student design works, presenting items whose design is adjusted to use by persons with disabilities.

The comprehensive CSR project of the Bank, “We invest in European values”, was established in 2006. It is based on the five main pillars: education, healthcare, environmental protection, inclusive society development, and culture. Eurobank EFG has so far invested more than EUR3.5 million in various CSR projects in Serbia.

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